How to Change Your View of Any Situation

by Vince

Great Window!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jo Jakeman

Change your view

Have you ever wished that you could view a situation differently?  I am always inspired by people who seem to find the silver lining in any situation, even before there is any evidence that there might actually be one.  In hindsight, we often can view a situation that was difficult at the time as something that was clearly to our advantage.  For instance, some people are downsized from a job and find a much more fulfilling career as a result.  They might have never made a change if they hadn’t been downsized and, at the time, it was something very difficult to go through.

The Tool of Reframing

So how do you change your view of a situation without being in some fantasy-land where you are actually happy you hit your thumb with a hammer?  One process is called reframing and Tim Brownson at A Daring Adventure does an excellent job of explaining this concept.

Check out his post:  Name That Frame.

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